[Taiwan] Breakfast Sandwich, Meatball, and Night Market

My first breakfast yesturday was a club sandwich (總匯三明治), Taiwanese style of course.

The one I got has egg, ham, cucumber, "hamburger meat", and the magic ingredient of "Taiwanese mayo".  "Taiwanese mayo" taste a bit sweet, I really that that is what makes the sandwich as delicious as they are.   


These type of "western" breakfast places are very common in Taiwan.  There's probably one at every other block.  They are 'western" as compared to "traditional" breakfast places that sell deep fried dough (燒餅油條).

The menu has a variety of items, sandwiches being only one of them.  You can also get Taiwanese hamburger (which are also quite tasty, I might get that tomorrow), toasted bread with jam or peanut butter, or Taiwanese egg omelette (with flavors such as bacon, tuna,…) 

Once you make your order, your breafast will be prepared right up in front of you! This lady has been making breakfast here since I was 10~  very effecient.  

I then stopped by Family Mart to get a soy bean milk 

and saw some interesting flavored potatoe chips

Oyster Omelette flavor?!?! 

It doesn't taste bad, but it doesn't taste like Oyster Omelette either.  Don't think I'll get it again.

Later in the afternoon I ventured out to my favorite meat ball place.

This place isn't on any tourist book, the only reason why I love it is because I grew up eating it.

According to my mom, this place has literally been around since the day I born.  

It is the ultimate comfort food for me! 

(潮州肉圓:  新北市永和區大新街61巷)


The night market is nearby, so I made a brief stop too (樂華夜市)

I stopped by one of the the "Crispy Chicken" stall.  

"Crispy Chicken" has more than just chicken, but also calamari, fries, fish cakes…etc.,  Just pick what you want, and they'll deep fry it for you.  "Crispy Chicken" is a popular night market food, each vendor distinguishes themselves with their own blend of seasoning.  


and finally, dessert is "four item shaved ice" (四果冰)


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