[Taiwan] Taiwanese Mango

It is now 5:30 AM in Taiwan, and I am wide awake because of jet lag, might as well write something.

I arrived late last night, didn't get to venture out for food.  However, at our dining room table were two big bowls of mangos that my dad bought earlier. 

Don't they look kinda green though?

Because these are not the same Mexican mango typically seen in California.  They're Taiwanese mango, in Taiwan we call them "local mango" (土芒果).  These mango never turn yellow or orange.  They're ready to eat when you see those black spots forming on the skin. 

Taiwanese mangos are typcially in season during the months of May through early July.  So I haven't had them in a long time, the last few trips back had always been in later (cooler) time of the year.  

The way to eat these mango is very unique as well.  You don't skin and slice the fruit, instead you "massage" the mango until its all soft (about the same firmness as your hand).  And then you bite off a small piece of the skin on top of the mango, and suck the juice.  

Get it? It is like drinking a Capri Sun without a straw.

One of the problems I have with my blog is I take wayyyyy too many pictures on any of my trips, and could never get to write them all.  So this time, I thought I'd try to write more frequently with shorter entries, that way I get to share more about my vacation.  Let's see how it works out!

(Chris is probably happy that there's finally something he can read)

(ok, as soon as it hits 6AM, I'm going out to get my breakfast sandwich.  Soooo exited!!!)

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