[Taiwan] Cafe @ Taipei – Akuma Caca

Akuma Caca 可可設計人文咖啡
No. 6, Lane 14, Siwei Rd, Daan District, Taipei City

One of the things I like to do while visting my parents in Taipei is going to coffee shops.  

Actually, I like coffee shops anywhere, not just Taiwan, but most vacations I go on, there are way too many places to see and too little time for me to spend quality time at coffee shops.  
When visit Taipei however, I typically stay much longer, and therefore have more time to explore the coffe shops.  

This one I visited yesterday, Akuma Caca, is about 10 minute walk from MRT Zhongxiao Dunhua Station, in an alley near the big traffic circle. 

The last several years, there is a wide popularity in promoting Taiwanese art and design.  It seems like there are some art exhibits, art galleries, theatres, design houses around every street corner.  Akuma Caca is one such example, besides being a coffee shop, it also serves as an art exhibit and gathering spot for artists.    

The actual coffee shop is in the basement.  Outside the coffee shop is a stack of art/design related newsletters.   

I came here on a Thursday afternoon, and seemed to be the only customer for quite a while, which I liked.  It's a small coffee shop, not sure if I'd still find it all that enjoyable if it was packed.  

The interior is comfy overall.  A bit Scandenavian style I suppose?  

Other than coffee, there are also sandwiches and desserts on the menu.  I don't see any desserts on display, not much confidence there that their desserts would actually be good.  

I ordered "black sugar latte", it was decent, but a bit overpriced imo (NT$150).  Nonetheless, a good spot for some quiet time.  

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