[Taiwan] Honey Toast – Dazzling Cafe

Dazzling Cafe 
Zhongxiao East Rd. Sec 4. Ln 248. No. 3.  Taipei.

Dazzling Cafe has been one of the trendiest hangout spots in Taipei for several years.  But for some reason, I only learned about this place earlier this year.  So of course, it was on my "must visit" list for this Taiwan trip. 

My friend Vivian, knowing that I really wanted to try out this place, volunteered to go with me.  What a nice friend!  It was a weekday night too, and you know how normal work hours in Taiwan is at least 10+ hours a day!  

Vivian made reservation a week ahead.  She said the first couple years, it was almost impossible to get in the place without at least an hour wait if not more.  But it seemed like the hype had died down.  The waiter did informed us, there was a 2 hour limit, however, if there were no one else waiting, then we can stay as long as we want.  Well, the day we went the place never got to more than 3/4 full.

We went to the original store in East Section of Taipei.  It is also called "Dazzling Cafe Mint" because of the "mint" colored scheme for the store.  There are other locations as well, like Dazzling Cafe Pink, Dazzling Cafe Sunshine, http://www.dazzlingdazzling.com/ie/location.php

The minute I walked in, I knew why all the hype.
The restaurant was simply TOO CUTE!!!
If I could have my bridal shower again, I'd totally pick this place!!!

All these pictures were taken with my iphone.  I wish I had my better camera with me that day.  But it was raining practically every day that week, and for those of you living in California, rain in Taiwan can be pretty intimidating.  I didn't want to take a chance.  

Neither Vivian and I had dinner when we arrived.  Dazzling Cafe has regular entrees as well, but Vivian suggested that we share just an appetizer, than have the Honey Toast.

The regular food items on the menu were a combination of American/Italian affair.  I was not particularly impressed. Well, for no simpler reason other than that I live in California!  

This sampler appetizer came with fried calmari, truffle fries, and I don't remember what the other one was (potato tots?)

Salsa and tartar sauce weren't particulary inspiring either.

Vivian's coffee.
For some reason I forgot to take a picture of my fruit tea.

Finally, time for the reason why we're here at the first place.  Honey Toast!!!

Vivian warned me the Honey Toast portion was going to be huge, enough for two people. Which by the way, is by Asian girl standard. If you are a big white guy (like Chris) please ignore the last sentence. 

There were many flavors of Honey Toast.  To name a few, "Banana Chocolate Honey Toast", "Strawberry Lover Honey Toast", "Mango Tango Danish Honey Toast", …

Or, if none comes to your fancy, you may build your own too!!

I ordered the Green Tea Honey Toast, a "limited time only" item

Take a look at this!!  Toast topped with ice cream, raspberry, macaron, and green tea almond crisp.  
(btw, in American, we call these 'sliced bread', but in Taiwan, they are called 'toast')

I was ready to dig in, but apparently the proper way to eat these is to move the 'top' to the side.  Alas, the restaurant has already cut out the toast into little cubes!  That way you can easily use the 'tong' to pick up the cubed bread and dip them in the ice cream. Amazing! 

What a awesome place!  Next time in Taiwan definitely have to check out the other Dazzling locations!! 

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