[Taiwan] Day Trip to Jioufen 九份一日遊 Part 3

A-Mei Tea House 阿妹茶樓


Besides the "small eats" (小吃), popular in Jioufen are the tea houses

If you're thinking this is where you'd get a cup of cheap boba tea, look elsewhere~

One time my friend Daniel from the state came to Taiwan's MaoKong (貓空), another place well known for tea houses.  Daniel later told me he was quite frustrated walking all around MaoKong for hours not finding one tea house that would sell him a cup of ice cold milk tea to go!!!

There are many tea houses along Shuchi Road, most of them similar to  this one we visited, A-Mei Tea House

(btw, A-mei tea house is not related to the Taiwanese pop star with the same name!)

Tea houses like this are not cheap.  A-Mei Tea House for example has a minimum of NT$200/person expense requirement.  This small pot of honey sweet osmanthus tea is NT$200, so is Chris' veggie noodle soup.


Why the whooping price? Tea houses are popular hang out places among Taiwanese, they usually have a relaxing setting and a great view.  This is where friends would meet up, order a pot of hot tea, and enjoy hours of chit chatting. Unlike a resturant, where you might felt compelled to leave as soon as you're done with the meal, you can normally stay in a tea house for as long as you want.  

A-Mei Tea House opens 24 hours a day.  For those staying in Jioufen overnight at a bed and breakfast (民宿) , rumor has it that it's got a great night view of the Taiwan's north coast~

One Thought on “[Taiwan] Day Trip to Jioufen 九份一日遊 Part 3

  1. Heather on November 23, 2009 at 2:25 pm said:

    Hua's mom was telling me about similar types of tea houses in
    shanghai. you can sit there order the pot of tea and small eats
    and sit there literally forever. his mom and her friends
    actually stayed there til the tea house was just about to close
    and they were the only people left.
    [版主回覆 11/26/2009 13:34:07]they're a great alternative to bars. i hope the US had more of these~~

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